Monday, July 28, 2014

Visitor's Day

Every year during the Food For Thought program, the staff and participants thank their generous sponsors and others by hosting them for a Visitor’s Day. This year, Visitor’s Day was a resounding success! A very diverse range of people showed up. There were representatives from the Philadelphia Waldorf School, Kimberton Whole Foods, and Chester County WIB, as well as independent friends of Triskeles.
The sun was out in full force and so were the teens, working on two farms near the Kimberton Waldorf School: Sankanac Farm and Seven Stars Farm. Senior staff took our visitors on tours of both of the farms, introducing them to the youth and talking about the program. Sebastian Kretschmer, the farm educator, was giving a lesson on planting leeks when the visitors arrived. Bob Steininger, the Food For Thought director, was there to speak about what young people learn during the five weeks.
In addition to farm experience, business, and cooking classes, participants get to choose an elective. The electives range from classes on food and culture to sustainable entrepreneurship. Young people in the FFT program learn a great deal more than gardening, cooking, and sustainable business practices – they learn how to work with others, engage their community and develop the skills they will need on the job and in the world.
After a tour of the farms, it was time for lunch. Everyone came back to Kimberton Waldorf School and the visitors had an opportunity to talk with the youth about the program. Chef Lauren and her assistants cooked a wonderful lunch of spicy vegetarian chili, pesto pasta salad, corn on the cob, vegetable soup, fresh bread, and pear and ginger cake. There was a great pause in conversation as everyone dug in.

Several people were impressed with the fluidity of the program. Forty teenagers knew exactly where to go and what to do without being asked. Half of the group went to their business class while Yvonne Post taught a lesson in cooking to the other half. Even the visitors learned how to make a tomato marinara sauce that can accompany a myriad of dishes. Ultimately, Visitor’s Day was a good experience for everyone. Food For Thought is a very unique program, and Triskeles is very grateful to every sponsor that helps make this program possible. 

Some photos from the day:

Participants sharing their experiences

Planting Leeks

Farm Educator, Sebastian Kretschmer (right) speaking about some of the curriculum for the program

Taking a break from all of the hard work!

Chef Lauren's assistants preparing a wonderful lunch!

Cooking class with Yvonne Post

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